Asparagus cream soup with boiled ham

5,45 €

Portion of asparagus with potatoes tossed in butter and hollandaise

14,50 €

Portion of asparagus with a small pork escalope, potatoes tossed in butter and hollandaise

19,20 €

Portion of asparagus with fried salm, potatoes tossed in butter and hollandaise

21,80 €


Portion of asparagus with a small rump steak, potatoes tossed in butter and hollandaise

23,80 €

Auf Wunsch reichen wir Ihnen zum Spargel ausgelassene Butter statt Sauce Hollandaise


Tomatosoup with herbs topped with whipped cream

5,45 €

Fresh salad with chickenbreast stripes and bread

11,15 €

Tomato-mozzarella, balsamico and olive oil with roasted bread

9,85 €

Bread with Aioli

3,85 €


Escalope Viennese style (Pork)

10,90 €

“Westerwälder“ escalope chasseur with forest mushrooms

14,15 €

“Gipsy“ escalope with freh peppers prepared

14,15 €

„Parisian“ pepper escalope

14,15 €



Choose your side dish!

Only for children up to 12 years

Little Escalope with French fries

8,85 €

Beef & Pork

Rump steak with pepper sauce

19,90 €

Rump steak with fresh mushrooms

19,90 €

Rump steak with herb butter

19,90 €

Rump steak as a 300 gram steak

zusätzlich 5,00 €

All our steaks have the classical edge of fat. Grilled with these fat edge the steak gets ist real flavour.



Stuffed pork fillet with prunes and pepper sauce

19,90 €

Piece of sirloin pot of the pig with pepper sauce

19,25 €

Choose your side dish!

Side dishes


French fries


Fried potatoes with bacon and onions

Baked potato with herb curd

spaetzle with butter


Boiled potatoes


Side salad

Additional side dishes and sauces

pepper sauce

mushroom sauce

zigara sauce

hollandaise sauce

je 3,90 €

Mayonnaise und Ketchup

0,50 €

Traditional german cuisine

Sauerbraten  with raisins, dumplings and stewed apples with apple pieces

14,85 €

„Sylter Schlemmerei“ fried potatoes, smoked salmon, scrambled egg, crabs and onions

11,80 €

Baked potato with fresh mushrooms, cream and garlic

9,85 €

Noodles with spinach, feta-cheese and garlic with cream sauce

11,45 €

“Gamba pan” roasted with herb-garlic-butter and tomato concasse

12,85 €

Deer goulash and noodles

14,85 €


Mixed ice-cream tube with whipped cream

4,95 €

chocolate ice cream with egg liqueur and whipped cream

5,95 €

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and sugar

6,45 €

Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries

6,45 €

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

5,95 €

Wir freuen uns, dass Sie bei uns zu Gast sind!


Familie Firneburg

und das Pfannenhof-Team

Es gibt Menschen, die auf Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe allergisch reagieren.


Trotz guter Produktionsmethoden können aber auch wir es nicht vermeiden,

dass in unseren Gerichten Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe enthalten sind.

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich gerne jederzeit an unser Service-Team!